Okay, so you have been preparing your Ibiza Trip. You have worked on your beach body! You have read websites with tips, you googled the best beaches. You have absorbed all the restaurant reviews on the Tripadvisor. You are ready!

But are you really? Can you really trust those people reviewing restaurants? Maybe they are really boring people enjoying things you don’t like. Can you trust those tips? Who are those people? Who is paying them? Are those beaches really the best?

Deep down there is doubt. If only you knew someone that really, really knows the Island. Someone cool! Someone nice! Someone like you! Someone that will show you around. Well, here I am! You finally met someone like you. Someone relaxed. Someone independent! Someone with kids, but he won’t let them spoil his (or your) holiday. Someone who lived in Ibiza for years, who knows everything. Someone with a nice but modest budget. Someone who knows where to go, when to go, where to park and what to do when you get there! Someone who doesn’t give suggestions, but simply tells you what to do!

I will tell you exactly what to do and you only need two things:

  • Money. Bring spending money around £ 100 a day (€ 125) on average;
  • A car. You can not do anything on Ibiza without a car (and a map);

We will spend time on the best beaches, drink coffee and beer in the best bars, see the best sites and eat in the best restaurants. Not the most expensive restaurants, no the best! We won’t go to the clubs, simply because I have kids so my club experience is somewhat outdated. You have to find someone else to show you around.

I am not English speaking, so if I have made some mistakes, excuse me. However I take full responsibility for all the tips on this website. But if you have new or better experiences, feel free to add them.

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