Goodmorning. Let’s drive to Cala Llonga. When you reach the town, you follow the signs that say Sol d’en Serra. After a short drive you will reach the Amante Beach Club. Parking is free. The Amante Beach Club is situated on the cliffs and has incredible views. There is a somewhat expensive restaurant (I never ate there) and you can walk over a rocky path to a small and not very comfortable beach. Do not do that! Go sit in the shade, order a £ 2,75 – € 3,50  Café Con Leche (Coffee with Milk), watch the yachts unloading the rich people onto the beach and see them stumble on the rocks to their sunbeds.

After the coffee: Cala Llonga beach. Drive all the way to the beach and if you are lucky park on the sidewalk next to the sand (free). If there is no room just park somewhere in the town. Cala Llonga is a large sandy beach that is beautifully located, especially if you are the kind of person that is able to ignore the ugly hotels that are built on the hills. Hire a beach chair (£ 3,2 – € 4) or just lay on the sand. The water is shallow and ideal for playing beach games. You can walk to the landingstage, jump off it and swim to the beach.

The main attraction of the beach is the Hollywood Beach Bar. Located on the right of the beach (if you are facing the water). They have undoubtedly the best value for money Burger on the Island (The Hollywood Burger – £ 4,40 – € 5,50) which you can enjoy with an Estrella Damm Limon from the tap (or some other beer). They have a great taste in music and if you tip them the bells will ring. It is never crowded because most people on the beach are slaved with all inclusive wristbands.

In the evening, around 8.30  drive to another family – oriented beach: Cala Pada. (between Santa Eulalia and Es Canar). Park (free) and on the right side off the beach (facing the water) you find 2 restaurants. Brise de La Mar (great) and Bar Toni (even better!). Choose Bar Toni and sit on the plastic chairs that are standing on the beach. Put your bare feet in the sand and order a mixed fish platter to share, some extra bread, chips, spaghetti for the kids (if any) and a bottle of house wine. Watch the sea. Watch Toni (or I think it is Toni himself) working his charming ass off. Relax. The kids are running around somewhere on the beach with ice cream. You order a chocolate cake to share, espresso and ofcourse Hierbas de Ibiza (liquor). You pay £ 50 – € 65).  Life is a beach.


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