Wake up and drive to the charming town of st. Carles (San Carlos). On the main road (there is only one) you will find Bar Anita. Park (free). Eat your breakfast there. Order eggs, toast with tomato, bacon (£ 4,40 – € 5,50) and a Café Con Leche. Bar Anita is a – you guessed it – a bar but also a post office and great for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

From Bar Anita you head north to Aquas Blancas. Park on top of the hill (£ 2,40 – € 3,00) otherwise you have to walk too far. Walk to the beach, climb down the stairs and start heading to your right (facing the water). Lay down in front of the small beach bar called Chiringuito des Aquas Blancas. For entertainment you can jump off the large rock in front of you (if you are up to it) or you can stroll down the beach (to the left), climb over some rocks where you will find a new smaller beach. There you can cover yourself in healing mud (and make a selfy of it). Other options are playing in the waves (there are often waves on Aguas Blancas hence the name), reading or watching the nudists playing beach games (can be fun, can be cruel depending on the nudist).

For lunch you choose the Chiringuito des Aquas Blancas which has great fresh baguettes (bocadillos) with some well tasting mysterious Argentinian sauce on it (£ 5,60 – € 7). You can share these with your kids (if any). Otherwise, more for you!

Later it is time for the Sunset Picnic! Go to a supermarket. Buy things! Bread, olives, ham (jamon), garlic butter (allioli) and wine/beer/Fanta) and drive to Benirras Beach. There is a sunset ritual on Sunday with some a-ritmic hippy-bongo-drummers drawing the crowds. Chances are you will have to park and walk an hour or so to the beach. Every  day not being Sunday the sunsets are just as nice, and when you arrive around 7 p.m. you can simply park your car near the beach (free). Sit down, relax, see more and more people arriving, listen to some bongo-drums (not as much as Sunday), eat your picknick, drink your beer, swim in the darkening sea, make some photos and watch the sun go down. Order a cocktail or a cold beer in one of the beach bars surrounding Benirras or eat dinner (if you are not the picknick kind). Do so some shopping in the boutique of beach club Elements and drive home satisfied.


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