Get in your car and drive to Cala Salada, near San Antonio. Follow the signs. Park on the parking (free) and climb down the stairs. You can try to drive all the way to the beach, but parking is limited. When on Cala Salada beach, turn right (facing the water) and climb over the red rocks to Cala Saladeta. This is a small but incredible beautifull sandy beach. The best attraction however is the Mojito Man. A enthousiastic, singing guy mixing Mojitos on the beach starting 11 a.m. Buy a Mojito and enjoy it standing in the water. Everyone does. You can choose between (S,M or L) for £4, £8 or £12 (€5, €10, €15). Large means large! (a bucket full of Mojito!)

There are no sunbeds and there is no beach bar, but there are a lot of people selling bocadillos, empanades and sodas and beer. If you like a sunbed, you can also settle for Cala Salada and swim or float to Cala Saladeta (you will swim in blue, swimming pool like water). Order a Large Mojito, watch the girls showing off dresses (the purpose is selling them but if you are guy it is like watching a striptease act) and later float back. Total happiness for £12.

For dinner we go to Chirincana in Es Canar. This is a beach bar on Cala Martina next to the Hippy Campsite and the Hippy Market. You can go on Wednesday (the day of the Market) but then it is very busy. So, better go on a different day. The Chirincana offers great food, sometimes some live performances but what they really offer is a special,  laidback, relaxed atmosphere.

Sitting on wooden tables you will see Hippy-looking people, street artists, magicians, tourists, campsite – wanna – be – hippies and so on. Just sit there, look at the people, look at the sea, watch the sun go down behind the mountains. Enjoy a Salad or vegetarian pizza (recommendation: Rucola and Goatcheese) (around £10 – € 12,50). Eat some bread, allioli, drink a Jara of Sangria and just relax.

If you are a Paella – lover you can order a great Paella (£14 – € 17,50) at Restaurante Sa Trenka, also on Cala Martina (right side if you face the water). The food is great, you sit next to the sea, but the problem is that in the distance you will see the lights and hear the sounds of the Chirincana and you will make you wonder why you are not sitting there.


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