Playa Es Figueral is a 400m sandy beach with some all – inclusive clubs. Drive there and park for free at the beach. The beach itself is not really special, but it is a nice place to play some games like soccer or volleyball, watch Tagomago Island and then go out for lunch at Es Alocs. That is the real reason you go to Playa Es Figueral.

Es Alocs is a hotel with a beautifull shaded terras. It is run by a family, or that is what I like to think,  and you can have a great lunch there (£ 40 – € 50 for 4 persons) including wine and coffee. Just sit in the shade, enjoy your lunch and enjoy the calm of yesterday!

In the evening go to Ibiza Town. Do not drive to the large parking. Instead follow the signs to the port and park near the entrance of the port (free). Walk towards the water and see all the superyachts with people sitting on the decks next to each other like on a real expensive campsite. Take a small taxi boat to the old town (£10,80 – € 13,60 for return for 4 persons).

Walk around a bit and settle for dinner at Bistro El Jardin. It is on the market place near the entrance of the Old Town. Order some bread with Tomato Pulpo, some great Cheese and Ham, Albondigas, Chipitos, Patatas Bravas and Sangria and Sodas and pay (£ 40 – € 50 for 4 persons). After dinner you must eat a Frozen Yoghurt at LlaoLlao. Order a cup of Yoghurt with three toppings (£3,20 – €4) . Make sure one (or more!) of these toppings is Melted White Chocolate. You haven’t lived if you haven’t tasted Frozen Yoghurt with Melted White Chocolate, Melted White Chocolate and Melted White Chocolate.

Afterwards go for Coffee, Cocktails or Beer to the Ibiza Classic Mar Y Sol. This is one of the few places in Ibiza Town where drinks are cheap (Beer: £1,6 – €2). The best part is that you are sitting in a perfect position to watch the crowds (new Ibiza fashion accessoiry: a bodyguard) and it is the starting place for the parades.

Take the Taxi Boat back (last boat, one o clock!) and when you arrive in the port you can go sit on the sidewalk and watch the Cabaret of the Lio for free. Walk back to your car and stop in Supermarket Oh (near the entrance). This a strange supermarket for the rich with lots of Oysters and Champagne. Buy some normal water and call it a day.


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