Today you sleep in and start with a lazy early lunch at the Giri Café in St Joan (San Juan). St. Joan is a charming little village that has a small market on Sunday (arguably the most fun market on the Island). So if you can, go on a Sunday and buy some great Olive Oil of the stand next to the Giri Café. The Giri Café, located in the heart of St Joan is pretty expensive (lunch for 4, £60 – € 75) but the food is fantastic and the garden beautifull.

After your lunch drive to Cala d’en Serra. Take the road to Portinatx right after the village of St Joan. The road to Cala d’en Serra looks like a challenge but you can pretty easily drive all the way down to a never finished building project and park there (free). Cala d’en Serra is a beautifull rocky beach with a small strip of sand, with clear water and a little Chiringuito. Lay on the sand or rent a beach chair (£4 – € 5), do some scuba diving, float around in the water, make some photos, order a cold beer from the Chiringuito and relax.

After Cala d’en Serra you hit a supermarket and buy yourself some food for on the beach. Make sure to buy extra bread, because the next stop is the beach of Portinatx. When you arrive round 7 p.m. it will be pretty easy to park near the beach. Portinatx Beach is wide, sandy and the sun goes down behind the mountains. Sometimes there a foam parties for children on the beach (never figured out when) and you always hear the exited karaoke – sounds of the all inclusive club but the great attraction of the Portinatx beach are the fish. These fish are amazing. They are like fat city pigeons without shame. Just walk waist deep in the water and start feeding some bread. Within seconds you will be surrounded by hundreds of really big fish that are really hungry. They will bump into you and if you are a bit patient they will eat out of your hand. You will feel like the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

When the sun is down you can walk on the beach promenade to the left of the beach (facing the water). This promenade connects Portinatx beach to another smaller beach. It is nothing special, but you can eat an ice cream and buy something from an African street vendor (hit 2014: glasses with a penis with a flashing light attached to it!). The story of my life? I escaped the cruelty of Sudan and ended up selling flashing-light-penis-glasses in Portinatx. Think about that, when you drive home.


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