Wake up. It is time to go to the famous Ses Salinas Beach near the airport. Ignore the exit to the beach Es Cavalet (which has a great, but expensive Chiringuito es Cavalet) and also Ignore the exit to the Experimental Beach Club at Cap de Falcao. The experimental beach club is a great place for lunch or (sunset) dinner, but go there if you have no kids and – as a consequence – a larger budget. Drive all the way to Ses Salinas Beach. You can park for free, but then you have to walk the distance. It is better to park on the parking (£4 – € 5).

Walk to the Jockeyclub (in the middle of the beach) and drink an nice expensive Café Con Leche (£4 – € 5). Watch your children, if any, play on the beach. Rent a sunbed (price unknown, but I guess expensive) or lay on the sand. Ses Salinas is a wide sandy beach with some rocks. On your right (facing the water) there is Malibu Beach Bar, favourite hangout of a lot of soccerplayers (especially the Dutch ones) and way to your left there is Sa Trinxa Beach bar. Kids will enjoy the rocks left of the Jockeyclub because when the waves go over, there is always a lot of little fish that stay behind in the puddles. So bring your fishing nets. You lunch at Sa Trinxa (£48 – € 60 for four). The fruit salads are heaven and you will enjoy some of the best bodies on the island in front of you. If you want to swim you can jump off a famous wooden construction.

In the evening have dinner in restaurant La Paloma (be sure to make a reservation). La Paloma is located in the small town of St Lorenc (San Lorenzo) on the road to San Joan.  On the same road, a little bit more towards Ibiza is Cicale, a great Italian Restaurant that is like an Italian copy of La Paloma, including occassional visits from Andrea Pirlo.

You go to La Paloma, which is heaven on earth. A beautifull garden overlooking hills with orange trees. Wooden tables with tableware that looks like it is stolen from your grandmother’s house. A small kindergarten with a swing. The menu is written down on blackboards and the food is organic and fresh. There is also  a little boutique for shopaholics. The price is high, but so is the value for money  (£120 – € 150 for four).

After dinner walk to your car and look back at the beautifully illuminated garden of La Paloma. Lucky bastard, I am, you will think to yourself. And it is true!


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