Today we take it slow. Eat breakfast and then drive to Pou de Leo Beach (near st Carles). This is a small beach with a charming chiringuito. Drink a Café Con Leche (£1,60 – € 2) walk over the rocks on your right side (facing the water). You will pass Restaurante Salvado, rumor goes it is a great fish restaurant but I never ate there. Do some sightseeing.

After that drive to Cala Boix (it is a 5 minute drive). Park your car (free and easy) and walk the stairs to the beach. Cala Boix is a sandy beach with black, vulcanic sand and some beautifull sights. Rent a sunbed and umbrella (£4-€5 a piece) or lay on the sand and do some swimming and floating around. You can walk to your left (facing the water) and find a smaller, and a bit uncomfortable, beach.

Surrounding the parking place there are three great fish restaurants, one with a stunning view. However today you are lazy and you settle for the little beach bar (Chiringuito de Cala Boix). It is cheap, it offers spectacular views on the beach, basic food and very cold beer. Enjoy a lunch (£32 – €40 for four), drink some beers and stumble back to the beach for some sleeping/swimming/reading/floating around.

In the evening drive to Sansara Bar (on the road from Santa Eulalia to St Carles). Sansara is a large garden restaurant with some different kind of entertainment (performances by bands, salsa, flamenco, movies, one-ball-juggling and more strange stuff). There is also a small kindergarten, a cocktailbar, a lounge and a selfservice bar.

The atmosphere is laid back, childfriendly, not posey and unlike some other garden restaurants in Ibiza prices are moderate (£48 – €60 for four). They have great pizzas, quiches and noodles but the real highlight is the vegetable, squid and shrimp tempura. Yes, tempura!

Order a bottle of white wine, tempura vegetables, tempura squid, tempura shrimps, some more tempura vegetables and for dessert, some more tempura stuff.

Life is better wrapped in tempura!


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