Es Canar (20 minutes north of Ibiza Town) is your typical Sangria-Very-Strong holidaytown. It is nog really eventfull only on Wednesdays when there is the large Hippy Market of Es Canar. Near the Es Canar beach is a restaurant/bar/pool called Jacaranda. If you have kids, bring a floating device and go there. Go sit on two sunbeds (£16 – €20 for two) and enjoy the cheap drinks, the DJ playing music and the great views of the sea. Eat a lunch, some simple burgers, salads or maybe some sushi from the Tree restaurant. (Lunch (£40 – €50 for four). Wave at your kids.

Now and then jump in the pool, swim to the bar that is in the pool, order a beer, drink it, swim back. Relax. If you are bored, and a girl, cross the street. Here is the Pacha Store and the F* me I am Famous Store with discounts you will  not find in the same stores in downtown Ibiza and Santa Eulalia.

As you leave Es Canar at the end of the day. Maybe you will notice a large sign saying Fish Massage. This is a concept revolving around fishes that are nibbling at your feet. It is not a massage for your fish. So do not bring your fish.

Take the road to St Carles (San Carlos) and go to the Las Dalias Hippy Market. This market is organized on Saturday from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. (do not go, too hot) and during the season on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evening. Park your car (£2,80 – €3,5) and start looking at the clothes, bracelets and other stuff. You can eat in the restaurant or in the tapas bar in the front but you are here for the shopping, so just take a slice of homemade Pizza (£2,80 – €3,5) at the Pizza Stand and a beer.

The atmosphere is relaxed, laidback, and best consumed with a Coronita or a cocktail. Often there are singers (sometimes brilliant flamenco singers, sometimes singers with their own salsa version  of Another One Bites The Dust), there is puppetry for the children, there is a roundabout, you can have yourself (temporarily) tattooed or design your own bracelet. The main attraction however are the other people. Mostly the Ibiza-styled-women that dress to young with spitting image daughters that as a consequence dress too old. You will find them especially around the stand of World Family Ibiza staring at bags that are handcrafted with love… and sold for £500.


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