Here are 5 great places to eat for a reasonable price with a great atmosphere. Remind you, this is my opinion!

Number One. Chirincana Beachbar – Es Canar
This beachbar looks out over Cala Martina and is situated next to the Hippy Camping. The atmosphere is friendly and the pizzas are among the very best on the Island. Enjoy your pizza, enjoy the colorful people and enjoy the views!

Do not go on Wednesday because the place is crowded with buyers and sellers from the Hippy Market. On the weekends there are often live performances.IMG_1189

Parking Free / No reservation
2 adults and 2 kids sharing pizza and drinks pay under 50 euros.

Number Two. Bar Toni – Cala Pada – Santa Eulalia
Bar Toni is run by Toni. When the sun starts going down Toni puts its tables and chairs in the still warm sand of the beach. Go there and sit down. Order a bottle of house wine, some bread and ali-oli, a mixed fish platter to share and some fries.

Relax while the day is ending and see your kids running around on the beach while you order some great Creme Catalana (mady by Toni’s mom), a cafe solo and hierbas.

Life is a beach.

Parking Free / No reservation
2 adults and 2 kids eating the above pay under 70 euros.

Bar Toni has no website, but he does have his mother in the kitchen! IMG_1363

Number Three. Bar Anita – Sant Carles
Bar Anita is an Ibiza institute for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Always busy with tourist and locals. Sit down, order a bottle of wine and Montaditos (assorted pieces of bread). Montatidos for 2 is enough for 4. Finish with some cafe solos, hierbas and the great homemade pies of Bar Anita.

Watch the crowd and from Sunday to Tuesday it is a short walk to the Hippy Market of Las Dahlias.

Parking Free / No reservation
2 adults and 2 kids eating the above pay under 50 euros.IMG_1497

Number Four. Sansara – Santa Eulalia
If you have children that like Sushi Sansara is the place to be.Sansara is a beautifull garden with some exciting life performances during the season and a really, relaxed atmosphere. The menu of Sansara has some tourist traps like chicken kebab and average pizza, but they make great and innovative sushi in a seperate bar. They also have incredible bread with hummus, guacomole and ali-oli. So, sit  down, order some wine, some bread, mixed tempura and Sushi. Share some desserts and drink some coffee with hierbas. Enjoy the great atmosphere and watch the crowds.

Parking Free / Reservation Yes (or come early)
2 adults and 2 kids eating the above pay under 75 euros.

Number Five. Restaurant Hostel Talamanca – Talamanca beach
This restaurant is located on the Talamanca Beach close to Ibiza Town. They have great grilled fish and meat, but I recommended going for the Tapas. Order Tapas and drinks, especially the fried calamares and the great grilled green peppers. Watch the crowds walking by on the wooden walkway and listen to the meat sizzle on the grill. This is a great place for diner and lunch.

If you want to go for a weekend to Ibiza, with some food, some beach, and some partying, then Hostel Talamanca is probably the best place to visit.

Parking Free / No reservation
2 adults and 2 kids eating Tapas and Dessert pay under 60 euros.


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