Okay. This time no restaurants, beaches or bars. Just five very valuable tips to enjoy your holiday on the Island.

Number One. Going to Ibiza Town – Take a Taxi Boat
It is pretty easy to go to Ibiza Town. Drive to the city, park on the advertised large public parking (you will pay around 12 euros) and walk to the center. However if the parking is full (after 21.00 pm during the season) things become complicated. A fun alternative is taking a small taxi boat. It runs every 15 minutes from Talamanca to the port, to the city and vice versa. Adults pay 3,70 return ticket. So, park free and simple in Talamanca, take the boat, snap pictures of Ibiza from the water, wathc the yachts in the port and within ten minutes you are in the center of the city. Boats run till 01.00 am.IMG_1408

Number Two. Feeding the Fish
Fish in Ibiza are in some places like ducks in a city park. They are without fear, or shame and with a great appetite for bread. Go to San Miguel Beach, or Portinatx, or Benirass or Cala Bassa. Bring some bread. Withinseconds you will be surrounded by lare fishes and within minutes even larger fishes will eat the bread out of your hands. You will be the new cool guy on the beach, but watch your swimming trousers, cause fish will check for bread.IMG_1565

Number Three. Go to the Las Dahlias Evening Market
The Punta Arabi Hippy Market is Es Canar is famous, but it has some disadvantages. It is during the day, so it is hot. It is a number one destination for people in resorts that come by bus and it is very, very busy with buyers and (very commercial) sellers. So chances are you will be watching an overpriced bandana that is made in Taiwan while a sweaty fat guy with no shirt on is squeezing by you.

Go to the Las Dahlias market, not on Saturday but on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening. It is cooler, it is less crowded and there are a lot of fun and Original products. Best of all, there are no shirtless people.


Number Four. Buy your Pacha Gear in Es Canar
In In Ibiza a lot of people like to buy Pacha Gear. A shirt or dress with the famous cherries. You have shops everywhere (Ibiza Town, st Eulalia) but the shop in Es Canar (in the mainstreet) is way cheaper than the other shops. Buy your gear there and pick up the free magazines full of great tips!

Number Five. Never go to the Flee Market in Sant Jordi. Never!
It is on Saturday. We went, and… well… one picture says more than a thousand words.



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