Number One. Eat yoghurt ice with white chocolate in Ibiza Town
Near the water in Ibiza Town is Llaollao. They combine frozen yoghurt ice with hot, melted white chocolate. Ask for a small ice cream (it is only 1.90 euros and comes in a little plastic cup) and combine it with white chocolate. It is heaven for under two euros.

Number Two. The Hollywood Burger on Cala Llonga Beach
The main attraction of the Cala Llonga beach is the Hollywood Beach Bar. Located on the right of the beach (if you are facing the water). They have undoubtedly the best value for money Burger on the Island (The Hollywood Burger – £ 4,40 – € 5,50) which you can enjoy with an Estrella Damm Limon from the tap (or some other beer). They have a great taste in music and if you tip them the bells will ring. It is never crowded because most people on the beach are slaved with all inclusive wristbands.


Number Three. Chiringuito Aquas Blanca – Chimichurri-sauce
On the right side of t
he Aquas Blanchas beach (facing the water) is the Aguas Blancas Beach Bar. The make great sandwiches (bocadillos). Fresh, with a mysterious Argentinian Sauce (Chimichurrri). Order a bocadillo with Argentinian Chorizo and Sauce. Incredible taste for only € 7,50.

IMG_1624Number Four. Mojitos on Cala Saladeta
Get in your car and drive to Cala Salada, near San Antonio. Follow the signs. Park on the parking (free) and climb down the stairs. You can try to drive all the way to the beach, but parking is limited. When on Cala Salada beach, turn right (facing the water) and climb over the red rocks to Cala Saladeta. This is a small but incredible beautifull sandy beach. The best attraction however is the Mojito Man. A enthousiastic, singing guy mixing Mojitos on the beach starting 11 a.m. Buy a Mojito and enjoy it standing in the water. Everyone does. You can choose between (S,M or L) for £4, £8 or £12 (€5, €10, €15). Large means really, really large! (a bucket full of Mojito!).


Number Five -> Beer at Mar Y Sol in Ibiza Town
Go for Coffee, Cocktails or Beer to the Ibiza Classic Mar Y Sol. This is one of the few places in Ibiza Town where drinks are cheap (Beer: £1,6 – €2). The best part is that you are sitting in a perfect position to watch the crowds (new Ibiza fashion accessoiry: a bodyguard) and it is the perfect  starting place for the parades.


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